So let’s begin.

Hearts Rock

If we wait to follow our dreams, until we are perfectly ready, we would never begin.

I have finished my expressive arts certificate and am beginning my spiritual formation classes in January 2023. But I am not waiting any longer to reach out and touch the sky.

All we desire is within reach. The sun on our face and the whispered winds on our ears, bless us. Today is the day to start.

So what is your 2023 vision? What words spark joy in you? What images bring peace of mind and body? Where will you find yourself in September next year? Let’s start this conversation! Share in the comments section or email me.

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” Buddha
The only way to get rid of your past is to make a future out of it. God will waste nothing. Phillips Brooks 

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